Physical fitness is an important part of daily life and helps to keep the body in shape, keep us emotionally balanced, maintain proper weight balance, and keep the lymph moving through our system. Moving lymph is the single most important factor to eliminate waste and toxins from the body while preventing a back up of these nasty toxins, which causes disease and ultimately death.

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So how do you do it and how do you change your routine when a new goal is set to be achieved?

Walking is great to keep the body moving, but in order to move lymph, you’ve gotta jump. Literally, bounce around. Rebounders are an excellent tool to use to get the lymph moving, but if you don’t have that old jumping platform your parents bought you back in the 80s, just jump. Jump ropes are super inexpensive to purchase, but even they aren’t necessary.

When I started my workout this morning, I began by completing 2 minutes of jumping. I sort of pretended to be jump roping, but then I did a few little kicks here and there, some jumping jacks, and ultimately it led me into a few jump squats and jump lunges.
If you have no time to do anything else, just jump around for 2 minutes before you jump into the shower each morning. I promise you, your body’s elimination pathways will thank you!

Taking it a step further, how do you know what to do to prepare for a new upcoming adventure that requires physical strength or endurance?

Great question and I’m sure there are a million answers out there, but as I prepare for my personal, lifelong quest to conquer the Roof of Africa, I’m changing up my game.
I used to live in Colorado, so “simple” hikes literally took my breath away. This is great training for an adventure like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, but now living at sea level, I’ve got to mix some things up.

Setting goals

So I’ve made the decision to hike/climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in February 2018 with a group of friends to benefit “The Eden Project”, a non-profit project currently undergoing in Uganda, Africa, that funds a global effort to promote community self-sustainability and herbal medicine use. The parent organization is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization called Wellness Warrior Foundation.

So, I need to get my butt in shape in order to conquer this next quest.

Mt. K Pic

The Workout Plan

Each day I will commit to moving my lymph so I can eliminate the waste build up in my body. I will commit to starting with 2 minutes of jumping.

After I jump around a bit, 4 times each week I commit to lifting HEAVY weights. Why heavy? Because it’s more effective at accomplishing the task at hand. Lifting light weights really don’t do much for building muscle. It’s great for moving the body, but the idea behind working out for a specific goal like this climb really is to build muscle and the easiest and most streamlined way to accomplish this is simply by lighting heavy weights.
You’ll want to assure you can do 2-3 sets of about 10-12 reps each. If you lift a heavy weight but can’t do 6 reps, put it down and grab something a little lighter until you build up to the heavier weight.

Consistently change things up! Each day I commit to one type of exercise.
For example:

Even days – push exercises – any movement pushing a weight away from your core.
Odd days – pull exercises – any movement pulling a weight to your core.

Push Exercises

Here’s my list of most effective push exercises.
1) bench press (cable press, push-ups)
2) leg press (squats, lunges)
3) overhead press (shoulder, military)
4) triceps extensions (press downs, dips)

Pull Exercises

Here’s my list of most effective pull exercises.
1) pull ups (assisted is ok but you’ve gotta work for it)
2) lat pull down
3) row (chest, lawnmower, upright)
4) biceps curls (barbell, dumbbell, 12oz)
5) shrugs

Don’t have a gym?

Here’s the best way to get your physique without visiting a gym
1) squats
2) lunges
4) push-ups
5) pull ups
6) dips

Cardio Bunnies

A few words on cardio. Cardio is excellent at stressing the heart and lungs, which provides excellent results when considering any endurance type adventures requiring the same type of training. When it comes to cardio, I love and totally encourage activities that require short bursts of energy followed by moderate jogging or other moderate activities. Here’s a list of easy cardio followed by intense 15-30 second bursts of energy.

1) frisbee – playing frisbee is a great opportunity to get your cardiovascular and respiratory system in check. It’s super easy and actually requires that you use more than just the heart and lungs. Moving the body in weird ways to throw the frisbee and catch it, allows your body to be off balance enough to correct itself, increasing the opportunity for those stabilizer muscles to go to work. Throw the frisbee hard and make each player work to catch it! Play like you would with a dog and challenge each player to “feel the burn”. Then, about every 30 throws, in an all out sprint, switch sides with the other player and get right back to playing your game.

2) jogging – kind of boring unless you’ve got good scenery or are jogging with a fun bunch of people.  But jogging can be really beneficial for your heart and lungs. While jogging, select an object to sprint to. Go into an all out sprint for 15-30 seconds (or to your target items like a stop sign or mailbox), then return to a moderate jog until you feel your head rate return to “normal” during jogging. Once this happens, pick another target spot and get your sprint on. Do this multiple times.

3) swimming – although this is my single most favorite sport, many people don’t have access to an Olympic size swimming pool. But if you do, get there. Follow the same guidelines as you would jogging. Moderate swim followed by 25 meters of an all out sprint.

Don’t be fooled thinking that all you need to do is cardio. Get the weights out and stress your muscles to burn! And for those girls that think building muscle is “gross” think again. As every man I know will attest, STRONG IS SEXY! So go on and get yourself some sexy!!

Leave your posts below and share your experiences with me so we can have a meaningful dialog and encourage others to get healthy and set some fitness goals! Please note: leaving a negative post only makes you look like an ugly person. Please be kind and encourage others. KINDNESS RULES!


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