Cool stuff about Natural Products

You’re probably thinking…..what could possibly be cool about herbal medicines?…..right?

Not thinking that?  It’s probably why you’ve found this site.  You probably are using herbs in the form of teas, or for their healing properties when you get sick.  But did you know you’re part of a HUGE population of people who are also using herbs?  What about essential oils?  Did you know that millions of people in the United States alone are using essential oils for their well-being?  There’s lots of misconceptions out there that surround the safety of essential oils and herbal medicines and I’ll be honest with you as I continue to learn myself, I sometimes have to go back and make corrections to what I was doing before I learned the truth.

That’s where Wellness Warrior was born from.  Learning how our bodies are designed to use Earth’s gifts and her medicines to heal our bodies.  My daughter was really sick as a child and without a lot of answers from the medical community, I was really put in a position to try and figure things out on my own.  If you’re a parent, you get this.  If you have an animal whose part of the family, you also get this.  We do everything in our power to protect those we love and for me, this was where my journey began.

There are so many people who question the power of plant medicine either in their natural form, like the leaves, root, branches and berries and the plant’s natural oils called essential oils, that are the life force of the plant.  These essential oils can be extracted from the plant and used in our bodies to stimulate healing.

Herbal medicine really works!  Don’t believe me?  Try hiking a 14-er in Colorado (14,000 ft mountain) without Wellness Warrior’s ‘high altitude’ blend and let’s talk then.  Need a remedy for low sexual drive?  Would it surprise you to know that the same concoction of herbal goodness that is in the high altitude blend is also used to increase libido?  Why is that, might you ask?  Well, think about the body and the way it responds to typically illnesses.  As a vasodialator, our unique blend is perfect for both needs.  This is a beautiful gift from mother nature; one herb can have a multitude of unique and desirable uses.

Essential oils and herbal medicines are potent and powerful natural products that must be used with knowledge and caution.  Just as your physician wouldn’t expect you to diagnose your own condition and prescribe your own medication, we don’t expect you to do the same with herbal products.  I would say that the majority of people can easily determine if they have a headache and if they know peppermint is a good remedy, they’re good to take a little to help them feel better.  But how do you know how much to take and what variety is the best for the condition you’re dealing with?  That’s where a little advanced knowledge can really be beneficial to you.  Wellness Warrior specializes in helping people understand the healthiest and safest way to use our products.  We also understand that if you’re not using an organic product that is free of contaminants, which can cause severe health problems, then you’re exposing yourself to possible damage.  We only use organic essential oils and herbs that we purchase directly from our importer who has personal relationships with the farmers.  We have been on site with some farmers and we strive to continue to grow our relationships so we can offer you the highest quality herbs and essential oils.  Safety is important to you and your family and you can bet it is equally important to us!

We’re glad you’re here and we’re happy to help to through your wellness journey.


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